Each business is unique and we pride ourselves in our ability to customize policies that meet the individual needs of our clients.


Owning a home is most likely the largest purchase you will ever make. As such, you need to protect it. How do you .... (Read More) protect your home? An alarm system and regular maintenance is a great choice, but nothing protects your home like a solid insurance policy for sudden and accidental losses. Who can you turn to for advice? The personal lines experts at Smith & Reid will help you make an informed choice regarding the insurance coverage that you require at a cost you can afford.


At Smith & Reid Insurance we know that insurance can be complicated. We will take the time to ensure that you don’t just... (Read More) have the best possible coverage for your needs, but that you also understand your policy and coverage. There are many factors that go into rating for your auto policy. While elements such as age, year, make and model, and driving experience are still used, insurance providers have also incorporated more specific factors. Things like distance to work, annual distance, years with prior insurance company, and whether the vehicle was purchased new or used are just a few of the many considerations made when calculating your rate.


You finally have that place on the lake, in the country, or in the mountains. It’s your little piece of paradise, your .... (Read More) home away from home. But what happens when you’re not there? Is your property secure? Is it protected? What if there was a fire, a windstorm or an act of vandalism? Coverage varies greatly depending on the type of seasonal/secondary home you have. Let the experts at Smith & Reid Insurance help you understand the guidelines that apply to your cottage so that you’re always covered — and at the lowest possible price.